Goblin Cave II

The party, excluding Nikabrik, journeys through the secret passageway to find themselves standing in a small cavern containing at its center, some sort of infernal magic circle. Lying at the center of the circle, the body of the last child, bleeding out on the floor.

The party tries one door, only to find it locked, a well-placed kick from Ares manages to damage the door, but not enough to open it, with this they travel through the other door, which they find to be unlocked. Inside, they find a cavernous space filled with roughly three dozen bunk beds, numerous chests and crates, and all the signs of recent inhabitation that was deserted in a hurry.

The party slowly picks its way through this room, trying to make sense of what transpired here, before discovering a door in the western wall, Lemmiwinks makes good use of his keen rat eyes and peers through a crack in the door to reveal a group of red-robed men, being ushered through a small passage by a foreboding man dressed head to toe in a combination of red leather armor and robes, standing aside what he identified as a Bearded Devil and an Imp. All of a sudden, the cultist seemingly in charge of the others turns towards the door and laughs, gesturing towards the three remaining cultists, and heading up the stairs with the imp and the devil. The party then engages in heated combat with the cultists, with several of their number falling unconscious during the fight. They just barely manage to defeat the cultists with the help of Nikabrik who heard the sound of combat deep within the cave.

Content with forgetting about the cultists, for now, the party escorts the children with haste back to the town, bringing back one of the dead bodies, but leaving the other due to its mangled nature.


KJtheGinger KJtheGinger

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