The Beginning

Drawn to a small tavern in the town of Diobel on the east side of the Isle of Kortos, you and a small ragtag group sit around a greasy, beer-stained table with your mutual friend, the dwarven warrior Siegfried Stronghammer to help him with a problem. He tells you that a nearby village is having problems and that though they have called for his help, he has long since retired from adventuring. Therefore, he explains, he has called you and the others here to accompany him on this journey and find out what’s amok in the village of Durazzo. And so, you and these others set off, down the road to Durazzo to begin your adventure.

Along the path, you notice quite soon that the goblins in the foothills of Kortos seem to be much more active than usual, with several attacking you along your travel. Siegfried notes upon it too, indicating that it might be related somehow to the problems in the village.

Before long, you arrive at the Durazzo and Siegfried leads you to a well-kempt little Inn known as the Walking Tree Tavern. Inside, through the hubbub and low din usually accompanying such establishments, Siegfried makes his way over to the bar and begins chatting up the barkeep, a stout dwarven woman.

The barkeep, who introduces herself as the owner of this Inn, Rosita Starkschmidt, tells you of several strange goings-on in the town. Firstly, children have been disappearing in the night, so far, four have been kidnapped. The townspeople have no clue as to what the cause of the disappearances may be, but Rosita recommends investigating a nearby cave known to host a tribe of Goblins. Additionally, the townspeople have reported hearing strange marching sounds to the south side of town in the night, though upon investigation, no cause has been found. Rosita mentions a cash reward and the thanks of the town for any who fix these problems.

With your information gathered, you and your newfound friends settle down at the Inn for the night, with plans to investigate the cave in the morning.


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