Goblin Cave I

Upon the morning, the party sets forth to the cave mentioned to them by Rosita. After a quick search around the entrance, they set forth into the entrance, only to be set upon by Goblin attackers. After managing to fend off and defeat the first few foes, they journey deeper into the cave.

Here, they find yet more Goblins, defending something within the cave. They’re almost through dispatching this latest batch, when from behind them, they hear another wave approaching from the mouth of the cave. This wave hosts the goblin chieftain, riding precariously atop a giant spider. After a hard fought battle, the party manages yet again to defeat the attackers, taking two goblins hostage in the process. They have the drow-elf Declan click click Forgemeyer ‘question’ the two prisoners, killing one in the process, but managing to find some valuable information. The Goblins are being manipulated by a group the Goblins refer to as “The Robes”, though they seem unable to tell much more than this.

The party then manages to clear the rest of the cave and find the prison where the children are being kept, only mildly terrifying the children in the process. Two girls, and the body of a young boy are found in the cells, but the children tell the party that the fourth child was taken deeper into the caves through a secret entrance, by a group of people wearing red robes.

Readying itself to face these robed-villains, the party has Nikabrik the dwarf guard the children outside, while the rest of the party delves deeper into the cave.


KJtheGinger KJtheGinger

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