The Golden Citadel

Moonday, First of Kuthona, 4716

After trawling through the catacombs of Almas, the party eventually came across the exit into the Golden Citadel, and the foes blocking their path. Standing there conversing with his summoned Barbazu was the Gloved Cultist and a contingent of Kobolds.

Noticing the party, the cultist sneered, and ordered the Barbazu to ‘see to the interlopers’ before absconding with his Kobolds up the stairs.

After a hard fought battle, the Party managed to defeat the Barbazu, and journey on further through the gate it had guarded. Strangely, as they journeyed past the wrought-iron fixture, they came across a strangely constructed, white-marble chamber, occupied only by a large statue of the dead god Aroden. On the plinth below the statue was inscribed, “Break the Statue, Place the Gem on the Altar”. Reveling in the chance to destroy something beautiful, Mongoroid clobbered the representation into a pile of rubble and powdered marble, and Venhana took hold of the large gem.

Thinking himself able to identify it better due to his dwarven roots, Nikabrik took hold of the gem and began to inspect it, while it initially cured him of some of his more dire injuries, he suddenly felt a burning pain in his back, and was shocked to find a crude brand/scar of a pentagon on his back, and inscribed within that a somewhat crude marking of a coin pouch and stack of coins.

Shocked by this, the party carried on, still ruminating on what the mark might entail, when Gandalf glanced over his shoulder to find that the room had vanished behind them.

The party eventually arrived in the main council chambers of the Golden Citadel and were shocked to see the Gloved Cultist performing some sort of ritual, and all 600 elects in the room, slumped in their chairs, unconscious or dead.

Despite being set upon by various Kobold sorceror and snipers, the party eventually managed to deal enough damage to the shield protecting the Gloved Cultist and his ritual that he diverted some of his attention away from the process and created an avatar to combat the Party.

With great skill, the party quickly disposed of the Avatar and destroyed the remainder of the shield and ritual circle. Forcing the Cultist to end his arcane machinations. He, however, seemed unphased by this turn of events. As he began to ascend into the sky, he told the party, “This matters little, my work here was done enough to make a difference,” he paused and glared at Nikabrik as a bolt of acid came flying through the air at him, “Your people shall pay in kind for that, dwarf,” he spat, “The impudent runts traipsing around my mountains shall finally learn who they belong to.” And with that, the cultist burst through the upper windows of the Cathedral, flying towards the north.

Goblin Cave II

The party, excluding Nikabrik, journeys through the secret passageway to find themselves standing in a small cavern containing at its center, some sort of infernal magic circle. Lying at the center of the circle, the body of the last child, bleeding out on the floor.

The party tries one door, only to find it locked, a well-placed kick from Ares manages to damage the door, but not enough to open it, with this they travel through the other door, which they find to be unlocked. Inside, they find a cavernous space filled with roughly three dozen bunk beds, numerous chests and crates, and all the signs of recent inhabitation that was deserted in a hurry.

The party slowly picks its way through this room, trying to make sense of what transpired here, before discovering a door in the western wall, Lemmiwinks makes good use of his keen rat eyes and peers through a crack in the door to reveal a group of red-robed men, being ushered through a small passage by a foreboding man dressed head to toe in a combination of red leather armor and robes, standing aside what he identified as a Bearded Devil and an Imp. All of a sudden, the cultist seemingly in charge of the others turns towards the door and laughs, gesturing towards the three remaining cultists, and heading up the stairs with the imp and the devil. The party then engages in heated combat with the cultists, with several of their number falling unconscious during the fight. They just barely manage to defeat the cultists with the help of Nikabrik who heard the sound of combat deep within the cave.

Content with forgetting about the cultists, for now, the party escorts the children with haste back to the town, bringing back one of the dead bodies, but leaving the other due to its mangled nature.

Goblin Cave I

Upon the morning, the party sets forth to the cave mentioned to them by Rosita. After a quick search around the entrance, they set forth into the entrance, only to be set upon by Goblin attackers. After managing to fend off and defeat the first few foes, they journey deeper into the cave.

Here, they find yet more Goblins, defending something within the cave. They’re almost through dispatching this latest batch, when from behind them, they hear another wave approaching from the mouth of the cave. This wave hosts the goblin chieftain, riding precariously atop a giant spider. After a hard fought battle, the party manages yet again to defeat the attackers, taking two goblins hostage in the process. They have the drow-elf Declan click click Forgemeyer ‘question’ the two prisoners, killing one in the process, but managing to find some valuable information. The Goblins are being manipulated by a group the Goblins refer to as “The Robes”, though they seem unable to tell much more than this.

The party then manages to clear the rest of the cave and find the prison where the children are being kept, only mildly terrifying the children in the process. Two girls, and the body of a young boy are found in the cells, but the children tell the party that the fourth child was taken deeper into the caves through a secret entrance, by a group of people wearing red robes.

Readying itself to face these robed-villains, the party has Nikabrik the dwarf guard the children outside, while the rest of the party delves deeper into the cave.

The Beginning

Drawn to a small tavern in the town of Diobel on the east side of the Isle of Kortos, you and a small ragtag group sit around a greasy, beer-stained table with your mutual friend, the dwarven warrior Siegfried Stronghammer to help him with a problem. He tells you that a nearby village is having problems and that though they have called for his help, he has long since retired from adventuring. Therefore, he explains, he has called you and the others here to accompany him on this journey and find out what’s amok in the village of Durazzo. And so, you and these others set off, down the road to Durazzo to begin your adventure.

Along the path, you notice quite soon that the goblins in the foothills of Kortos seem to be much more active than usual, with several attacking you along your travel. Siegfried notes upon it too, indicating that it might be related somehow to the problems in the village.

Before long, you arrive at the Durazzo and Siegfried leads you to a well-kempt little Inn known as the Walking Tree Tavern. Inside, through the hubbub and low din usually accompanying such establishments, Siegfried makes his way over to the bar and begins chatting up the barkeep, a stout dwarven woman.

The barkeep, who introduces herself as the owner of this Inn, Rosita Starkschmidt, tells you of several strange goings-on in the town. Firstly, children have been disappearing in the night, so far, four have been kidnapped. The townspeople have no clue as to what the cause of the disappearances may be, but Rosita recommends investigating a nearby cave known to host a tribe of Goblins. Additionally, the townspeople have reported hearing strange marching sounds to the south side of town in the night, though upon investigation, no cause has been found. Rosita mentions a cash reward and the thanks of the town for any who fix these problems.

With your information gathered, you and your newfound friends settle down at the Inn for the night, with plans to investigate the cave in the morning.


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