Isle of Kortos


The Isle of Kortos sits at the center of the Inner Sea and is home to the City State of Absalom, the largest city in the world. This metropolis does not occupy the whole of the Island, much of the rest of the island is dotted with small settlements, most of which generate food for the immense capital city. The Isle of Kortos was created in the year 1 AR, when the then mortal Aroden raised the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea, ascending to godhood in the process.


Much of the non-populated regions of Kortos are filled with ruined siege-towers and fortresses, a result of the countless attacks the city has seen throughout the ages. These regions have become known as the Cairnlands, and numerous bandits, remnants of former would be conquerors and natives to the island, now occupy these ruins.

At the center of the island, the Kortos Mounts rise harshly out of the land, forested at the foothills that surround them, but frigid and barren towards the peaks. These mountains are home to tribes of Centaurs, Harpies, Minotaurs, and numerous other dangerous creatures.

Much of the island’s surroundings are home to the wrecks of numerous fleets and armadas that have attempted an invasion over the years. Absalom, and after it some of the smaller coastal villages on the island, have created a sea-wall of sorts from the wreckage of these ships around their ports, most requiring a skilled and careful navigator to brave the treacherous waters.

Isle of Kortos

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