The Golden Citadel

Moonday, First of Kuthona, 4716

After trawling through the catacombs of Almas, the party eventually came across the exit into the Golden Citadel, and the foes blocking their path. Standing there conversing with his summoned Barbazu was the Gloved Cultist and a contingent of Kobolds.

Noticing the party, the cultist sneered, and ordered the Barbazu to ‘see to the interlopers’ before absconding with his Kobolds up the stairs.

After a hard fought battle, the Party managed to defeat the Barbazu, and journey on further through the gate it had guarded. Strangely, as they journeyed past the wrought-iron fixture, they came across a strangely constructed, white-marble chamber, occupied only by a large statue of the dead god Aroden. On the plinth below the statue was inscribed, “Break the Statue, Place the Gem on the Altar”. Reveling in the chance to destroy something beautiful, Mongoroid clobbered the representation into a pile of rubble and powdered marble, and Venhana took hold of the large gem.

Thinking himself able to identify it better due to his dwarven roots, Nikabrik took hold of the gem and began to inspect it, while it initially cured him of some of his more dire injuries, he suddenly felt a burning pain in his back, and was shocked to find a crude brand/scar of a pentagon on his back, and inscribed within that a somewhat crude marking of a coin pouch and stack of coins.

Shocked by this, the party carried on, still ruminating on what the mark might entail, when Gandalf glanced over his shoulder to find that the room had vanished behind them.

The party eventually arrived in the main council chambers of the Golden Citadel and were shocked to see the Gloved Cultist performing some sort of ritual, and all 600 elects in the room, slumped in their chairs, unconscious or dead.

Despite being set upon by various Kobold sorceror and snipers, the party eventually managed to deal enough damage to the shield protecting the Gloved Cultist and his ritual that he diverted some of his attention away from the process and created an avatar to combat the Party.

With great skill, the party quickly disposed of the Avatar and destroyed the remainder of the shield and ritual circle. Forcing the Cultist to end his arcane machinations. He, however, seemed unphased by this turn of events. As he began to ascend into the sky, he told the party, “This matters little, my work here was done enough to make a difference,” he paused and glared at Nikabrik as a bolt of acid came flying through the air at him, “Your people shall pay in kind for that, dwarf,” he spat, “The impudent runts traipsing around my mountains shall finally learn who they belong to.” And with that, the cultist burst through the upper windows of the Cathedral, flying towards the north.


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